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    Rock Stream, New York

    The Faus Family Farm, also called Rollen N’s Dairy, is located in Rock Stream, New York. They have a herd of 80 Red & White Holsteins along with a few Jerseys. Their cows produce only A2 milk which many people find easier to digest. The cows are also polled, meaning they naturally have no horns. All the land on the farm is certified organic. The cows seasonally graze on pastures and are fed high quality forage and hay from the farm, as well as some non-gmo grain and mineral supplements. The Faus family implements regenerative practices, including cover crops and adaptive grazing to promote healthy soil. This produces more nutrient rich crops while capturing carbon from the atmosphere, improving air and water quality on and surrounding the farm. The benefits of this focus on soil and animal health is passed on to the community through delicious and nutritious milk.

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