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  • Blackberry Shrub 8 fl oz
    Uses:   Exceptional soda water flavor, needs less sweetening than most fruits. Blackberries are soooo versatile.  Shrub a la blackberry is very high in fiber, adds mysterious pizzaz to drinks, including fruit juice, and light spirits. Does not like wines.  In England they add to beer, especially lager. Exceptional in…
  • Blueberry Health Shot 4oz.
    Ingredients: Whole Blueberries, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water
  • Cranberry Shrub 8 fl oz
    Uses: Any cocktail you can think of where cranberry is called for. If you want it dry and not so sweet from the (typical) sugared up cranberry juice, this is your answer.  Cosmopolitan?  One the best cosmo’s you will ever have with this shrub.  Water flavor – unparalleled, simple, light and…
  • Pear Shrub 8 fl oz
    Uses:  Dressings, cocktails mixer, cordials – Yes!! Rub on pork rump or drizzle pear shrub over mustard greens, watercress, leeks and walnuts for a delicious salad.Other ideas include: Drizzle on goat or bleu cheese for a delightful dessert. Add pear shrub, grated ginger and honey to oatmeal or millets porridge for…
  • Strawberry Health Shot 4oz.
    Ingredients: Whole Strawberries, Organic Apple Cider, Organic Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water
  • Yoder’s Gummies
    Get the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, elderberry and vitamin C all rolled in to one berry-shaped gummy treat with a delicious guava flavor.
  • Amish Origin Lip Doc
    A smooth, soothing formula for chapped lips, Amish Origins® Lip Doc is perfect for anyone who is outdoors often enough to use lip balm. Customers will love the instant relief of chapped lips through a unique blend of essential oils and SPF 15 sun block.  
  • Blueberry Shrub 8oz
    Uses:   Makes a great soda water flavoring without the need for sweetener.  Or a unique dressing, especially complimentary with strong, dark colored veggies. Blueberry also has an amazing gift, summer coolers.  See our recipe for a Maine moose cooler [Link}… they do grow them up there you know. And…
  • Chickweed Salve 4oz
    This all natural salve can be used to ease skin disorders, dry skin, cracked skin, minor cuts, burns and poison ivy.
  • Concord Grape Shrub 8oz
    Concord Grape Shrub 8oz
    Concord grapes are deep purple grapes with intense grapey flavor, so easy to get addicted to this flavor. As a water and soda flavor Grape Shrub holds up, naturally. Salad dressing all by itself, you bet. We drink little nips for intense brain altering flavor and for a very powerful…
  • Cranberry Tonic 16oz
    Cranberry Tonic 16oz
    Cranberry tonic is simply two ingredients: Organic Apple cider Vinegar and Cranberries. Long term extraction at low temperatures and low Ph preserves the antioxidants, specifically catechins that make this so healthy for you. Cranberries – This tonic is very tart.  No sugar to sweeten the deal.  You can add stevia…
  • Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Cream 3.5oz
    Amish Origins® Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Cream works for arthritis, sore muscles and joints, cuts, abrasions, bruises, cough due to colds, head colds, throat congestion, sinus problems, dry and cracked feet and hands, psoriasis, burns and much more.
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