Board Members

Meet The Board!

Our board of directors consists of 8 individuals.

Our mission is to improve the health, sustainability, and quality of life within our communities by producing and marketing local, high quality farm products. We value our costumers and our goal is reconnect our local food system. “From the farm to the kitchen table.”

Nate Faus

President Rock Stream, NY

Nate has friends and family with dairy sensitivities who have been able to enjoy A2 milk without discomfort. Nate is excited to be a part of making local high quality dairy products available to more people…

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Aaron Wise

Vice President Waterloo, NY

Aaron enjoys the study of soil and its properties. Over the past 20 years, he has become increasingly interested in sustainable small farm models…

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Raymond Wise

Treasurer Phelps, NY

Raymond has been very instrumental in the development of the creamery. He is very passionate about developing a local milk market so young families can continue to support themselves from small family farms…

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Nathan Zimmerman

Secretary Penn Yan, NY

Nathan’s previous experience in construction has been helpful with developing our building plans. He is very interested in helping small farms survive and applying good stewardship principles to his farm…

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Kenneth Horst

Phelps, NY

After experiencing the health benefits in his livestock, Kenneth now helps local farms with soil balancing and remineralization. He has been passionate about growing high quality food for the local community and providing excellent service to his costumers…

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Delmar Martin

Geneva, NY

Delmar’s experience in retail sales has sparked his interest in taking a management position for Sweet Acres Creamery…

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Jerry Stewart

Bath, NY

Jerry is heading up our sales and marketing division at Sweet Acres Creamery and has been providing many good contacts from people throughout his life….

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Arlyn Wise

Seneca Falls, NY

Arlyn currently serves as an advisory board member for Sweet Acres Creamery. He takes an interest in the more technical aspects of the business, and is committed to providing our farmers with the resources they need to produce high quality farm products…

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