About Us

Sweet Acres Creamery - Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Enhancing our local communities through sustainable agriculture.


Our mission is to improve the health, sustainability, and quality of life within our communities by producing and marketing local, high quality farm products. As a result, our small family farms have the opportunity to thrive for generations.

Core Values


We want the freedom to process and market our products, free from bondage to what corporate giants and global markets demand. We anticipate our business to become a place in our neighborhood where partners, employees, and their families have an opportunity to work and learn together, sharing like values, in a friendly work environment.


We join together to establish a sustainable local food system. Our farmers are committed to remineralizing and balancing the soil, using the original Albrecht method of soil testing and sourcing the correct soil amendments. By integrating multi-plant species and pastured livestock, we create an environment that increases the soil’s ability to efficiently produce healthy, robust plants. This in turn supplies nutrients for livestock to flourish and produce a sustainable, nutritious food source.


We are stewards of our farms and businesses. It is our responsibility to care for the land, livestock, and people that God has entrusted to us. Out leadership model consists of conscientious partners, who by setting standards, create incentives and provide training, to equip our farmers and employees to fulfill this responsibility.


We build trust by being honest which enables us to operate with integrity. Our commitment to transparency will hold our farming practices, food preparations, and farm market accountable to everyone.


We believe in building strong communities by investing in relationships. Our visitors – together with those who produce, prepare, and market our products – are valuable, deserve respect, and come together to make our communities a better place. By working together, we can reconnect the local food system from the farm to the kitchen table.

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