Sweet Cherry Shrub 8oz

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  • Sweet Cherry Shrub 8oz
  • Sweet Cherry Shrub 8oz


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    We extract the flavor and juices from fruit harvested here in the Finger Lakes region whenever possible. If not native to the Finger Lakes, only the highest quality fruits are used. We never use concentrates, flavorings or fruit powders, only whole fruit. This helps produce the vibrant color and flavor of our small-batch shrub. There are no flavor enhancers, preservatives, or colorants.  Taste the Finger Lakes Harvest difference!

    Sweet cherries are grown on Seneca Lake. Deep and dark flavor, Sweet cherry shrub makes an excellent salad dressing, unparalled tea additive, and so bold in any cocktail

    Ingredients: Whole Cherries, Organic Apple Cider, Organic Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water

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