Concord Grape Shrub 8oz

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  • Concord Grape Shrub 8oz
  • Concord Grape Shrub 8oz


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    Concord grapes are deep purple grapes with intense grapey flavor, so easy to get addicted to this flavor. As a water and soda flavor Grape Shrub holds up, naturally. Salad dressing all by itself, you bet. We drink little nips for intense brain altering flavor and for a very powerful anti-oxidant complex. Try it in gin fizz, so surprising.

    Sooooo, these grapes are are filled with a bevy of poly-phenols that if extracted properly have strong impact on heart, DNA, and circulatory health.  One category, resveratrol, have been well research and tested for heart muscle health strengthening and maybe even better known for its ability to keep arteries and veins flexible. There is also a long list of complex phenol acids that are known to bolster overall immunity.

    Ingredients: Un-sprayed Concord Grapes, Organic Apple Cider vinegar, Organic Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water.

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