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  • Elderberry Shrub 8oz


    Uses: Elderberry Shrub is easy to use – Enjoy straight, 2 TBSP, followed by water or like liquid or mix with water juice or tea 1 oz to 8 oz of fluid.  It also makes a great salad dressing or as a light vinegar drizzled over veggies. Remember, this is a food – consume it anyway you’d like!

    For best results take once a day for maintenance of healthy immune response.  If you are experiencing the beginning of cold or flu symptoms then increase to three times a day separated by 8 hours.  Like all natural foods with immune boosting properties, it is best to take a break from use after three weeks for a few days.  This allows your immune systems to reset and not adapt to the health promoting properties of elderberry.

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    Background: Elderberry has been around for thousands of years and is one the most recognized natural immunity support foods. Native Americans and Europeans have long used Elderberry as a winter time tonic and health restorer. Fast forward to today, where wellness and natural health food stores stock shelf after shelf of elderberry products.  Many “elderberry” products on the market use the word elderberry in their product name.  It often appears somewhere third or fourth in their ingredients list or sometimes not at all, using elderberry flavoring as their key ingredient. Whole, natural Elderberry is our first ingredient. Our shrub, tonics and syrups contain some of the highest content (mg) of REAL elderberry on the national market.  Our elderberry is domestically grown, slow and cold extracted, using a low Ph, and low oxidative environment. Finger Lakes Harvest Elderberry Shrub has 3500 mg of elderberry per serving.

    Ingredients: Apple cider Vinegar, Elderberry, immune system support, immune, immune system, antioxidants.


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