Raspberry Shrub 8oz

Raspberry Shrub 8oz


Uses: As a condiment or salad dressing Raspberry shrub will stand up to the darker greens and strong squashes.  There are multiple colonial shrub punches that still can be found in old cookbooks that rely on raspberry shrub. Raspberries are sometimes referred to as the goldilocks fruit, not too sweet not to tart.  As a water flavor it is unparalleled.  As a medicinal, take in tea or pour one ounce in 8 ounces of water.

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Background: Raspberries grow everywhere in upstate NY.  Finding enough in one place to do the trick is the issue. Having said that, NYS raspberries are really bold, deep in flavor and make stupendous shrubs.  We have several growers that handpick our delightful little buddies. We use almost exclusively late season ripeners that are still setting in October. Talk about a second season!  Cooler weather allows for a full development of flavor and healthful flavonoids as well. The best come from the Hall/Stanley area of Seneca Lake but we are now seeing hilltop berries that match this flavor.

Ingredients: Whole Raspberries, Organic Apple Cider, Organic Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water

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