Ginger Shrub 8oz

Ginger Shrub 8oz


Uses:  Ginger shrub is used in many different ways and for various reasons. Without a doubt it is our most versatile shrub.  Many cocktails that require ginger are super enhanced by this shrub.  It’s primary use in a kitchen is the spiciness it takes on as a condiment..  Ginger shrub can be added to tea, with oh so much ease.  As a water flavor it extends 1 to 16, without losing its flavor.  I think every shrub maker does a ginger shrub, few do it as a cold extraction (but we do!). In sparkling water it’s like a ginger beer, light in calories.


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Background:  Our ginger is  sourced from local farmers and domestic growers when we have outstripped their production.  Ginger needs a longer growing season than we can provide outside.  Thus indoors, in a greenhouse, it must be started. Ginger must be processed in delicate ways, and we have discovered a shaving process that allows for long term extraction. Months later, all 19 gingerols are still there. Versions of Ginger grows wild in many places including the Caribbean.   Many early shrubs in the Americas contained ginger grown in the Caribbean.  Versions of ginger shrub are found in Gujarat in India that date back to 2,000 BCE. Ginger found its way West via the spice road.  Technically it is a Chinese plant that made it to India and then to Rome in the first century AD.  The root word for Ginger comes from sanskrit word “srngaveram”. I don’t know how they got Ginger from that, but stranger things have happened.

Ingredients: Whole Ginger Root, Organic Apple Cider, Organic Large Crystal Cane Sugar & Water

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