Jake & Amos

  • J&A Black Bean & Corn Salsa 16oz
    Try Jake & Amos® Black Bean and Corn Salsa to add a southwest flare to your next meal. This chunky salsa is full of vegetables that are great for dipping chips or topping tacos and other Mexican dishes.
  • J&A Pineapple Salsa 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Pineapple Salsa has a sweet hint of pineapple and a spicy burst of jalapeños for a sweet and spicy salsa. Try this salsa at your next party or picnic for a refreshing twist on an old favorite.
  • J&A: Peach Salsa 17oz
    Jake & Amos® Peach Salsa is an a cool and refreshing salsa that truly brings the taste of tree-ripened summer peaches to your table. This salsa is perfect with tortilla chips, on salads or as a sandwich topping.
  • J&A; Mango Salsa 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Mango Salsa is spicy with a hint of sweet mango flavor that is sure to make it one of your new family favorites! Use this salsa with classic tortilla chips or use it as an ingredient in your next soft or hard shelled taco. Make a tasty…
  • J&;A Bread &; Butter Pickle Chips 17oz
    These pickle chips are crunchy, full of flavor and great fresh out of the jar or with sandwiches and salads.
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    J&A Bread & Butter Pickle Chips 33oz
    Jake & Amos® Bread and Butter Pickle Chips are made with fresh cucumbers and the perfect blend of onions and spices. These crunchy, flavorful pickle chips are great fresh out of the jar or with sandwiches and salads. Ingredients: Cucumbers, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Mustard Seed,…
  • J&A Mild Salsa 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Mild Salsa is simply the best! The combination of diced tomatoes, green pepper, onions, garlic and other seasonings goes great with your favorite chip.
  • J&A Four Bean Salad 17oz
    Jake & Amos® Four Bean Salad is an all natural, colorful, crunchy salad making it a country favorite.
  • J&A Hot Garlic Mushrooms 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Mushrooms have red hot peppers added to turn up the heat in any dish! These mushrooms have just a touch of dill and the perfect amount of garlic to give you the farm-fresh mushroom taste like none you've ever tried before.
  • J&A Marinated Mushrooms 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Mushrooms are marinated in a tasty juice that is loaded with spices and finished with a touch of garlic.
  • J&A Peach Halves 33oz
    Jake & Amos® Peach Halves are an all natural home-style peaches made using an old-fashioned canning process that seals in the delicious sweet taste while preserving freshness. These peaches are delicious by themselves or make a great addition to any fruit salad.
  • J&A Pickled Asparagus 16oz
    Jake & Amos® Pickled Asparagus is a natural asparagus made with just the right combination of dill and other seasonings. Try just one bite of our Pickled Asparagus spears and you will be sure to come back for more.
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